{ Cloud connection }

Private connections to cloud services

Connect to third-party services through our private and secure network: the evolution of connections to deploy hybrid infrastructures.

Cloud connections are now an essential part of your cloud deployments. Our cloud service will connect you directly to the clouds of your choice, with flexibility and fast service activation.


{ Server Monitoring }

Monitor the health of all your servers

Centralize your monitoring stack and never miss an incident again.

Get a single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack.


{ Backups }

Improve the protection of your data

Secure, reliable backup to protect your most important files from data loss and ransomware.

Sync your data across all your devices. Access all your historical versions and deleted files with no time limits or restrictions.

We offer unparalleled privacy for you and your data.


Payment gateway Tefpay

Ecommerce solutions for virtual POS, APP's and mobile

Tefpay is a trademark specialized in electronic payment methods.
We have extensive experience in payment systems and in the ongoing management of transactions with the latest technology.
Tefpay vision is to provide solutions for our customers with maximum flexibility to adapt to their needs, making collections and managing them easier.


Outline of operation

Tefpay acts as an intermediary between your charges and the bank in a safely way, managing the data to process the payments.

Customer Back Office

Improve your control over sales and incidents in your operations through an easy presentation and practical use of the data and statistics provided.

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